Sunday, August 4, 2013

House Update: Cabinets and Window Trim

They say kitchens and baths are what sell a house. While that's only partly true for us, it is one of the things I've been waiting for most eagerly. Not only do cabinets take our house from being a collection of empty rooms to a house that is almost ready to be inhabited, they were our biggest splurge when building the house. 

I found out our cabinets had been installed on Thursday afternoon but I couldn't go inside because they were painting. Because we worked all day Friday and then had our couples Barre class, we didn't get to go check our kitchen out until Saturday evening. But it was definitely worth the wait:

Everything is still covered in plastic because they still have a couple coats of paint to go.

We also got our bathroom cabinets.

Both our master bath and our hall bath have these dark wood cabinets. They are the standard [read: free] cabinets that are included in the base price of our house. Since we splurged on the off-white kitchen cabinets, we decided we needed to save a little in the bathroom.

The sample we were shown was much lighter; a medium cherry color. I liked it enough, but was secretly wishing for something espresso colored. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to see an almost espresso color cabinet installed in our bathrooms.

I also love the row of drawers between the two cabinets. I don't remember that from the model, but I don't think I paid to much attention to the bathroom cabinet layout. This will help keep under our sinks two, well-defined his-and-hers areas versus one large cavern.

Another notable change from this trip is our window trim has been installed.

The window trim was another option. I asked about the price of this on day one because I knew that was a non-negotiable; I kind of hate how all new houses are cutting corners by leaving the windows un-trimmed. To me, this little detail gives our house a sense of "my owners care enough to finish me right." It also seems to make our house feel like it's been there for years because so few new houses have them. Seeing them in, I'd say definitely worth the $1,300.

If you're wondering what Pat's looking at in that picture, it's our garage being built. Can't believe the crew was still working at 7:30 on a Saturday night.

Our interior doors were also installed, but the only pic I have is of the one in the pantry, visible in the shot of the kitchen cabinets. The upstairs temporary railing has been removed, so I expect the permanent railing will be going in shortly.

I'm not really sure what will take another two months to finish, but I'm on the edge of my seat to see what's next.

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