Monday, August 19, 2013

Moving To-Do List

Home sweet home. Almost.

 The question I'm asked most frequently has to be when we will be moving into our house.Well, we don't know. We never actually received our 60 days until closing notification. You know, that thing that's pretty important if want to tell you landlord you're moving out so you don't to pay both rent and a mortgage.

We were notified it was time to lock in our mortgage rate, which normally happens 60 days prior to closing. So we asked our contact person and were told that the development was waiting to turn on gas/power to our part of the street, so they couldn't nail down a closing date yet. Approximately two weeks later and still no word. So we asked again and this time were told the same, but he guesstimates we will close in late September. As in approximately 30 days.

I am ecstatic that we will be in earlier than we thought, but also a little irritated at the quality of communication around closing, which as I understand it, is a pretty important event in buying a home. I have my own theories about how this could happen and I don't blame any StanPac employee that we've met, but that's neither here nor there. Not to mention, we still don't have an official closing date.

Since I want to avoid being completely unprepared for our really short notice, I've decided to proceed as if we have been given a closing date and it's September 30th.

And for better or worse, we're vacating our apartment on October 16th.

It's crazy to think that in approximately a month, the house building chapter will be over and the home making chapter begins. Also, it's kind of scary to think of everything we have to get done over the next 30 days.
  • Pick out home insurance
  • Finalize loan
  • Order the cats collars and tags
  • Patch the molding ("Boone Damage")
  • Deep cleaning the A.P.T.
  • Pick out paint colors
  • Pick out appliances
  • Decide on a new vet and get copies of the pets' medical records
  • Look at fences 
  • Pack...everything 
As I review my to-do list, I notice I have only done things that require mental work. I haven't lifted a finger (other than to type this list) to start any of the physical work. I'm preemptively in decorating mode when I need to be "take it all down and un-prettify" mode. Damn Ballard Designs website.

I'm sure this list will grow over the next couple weeks. The bad news is I'm a procrastinator. The good news is I work best close to a deadline. Thank you StanPac for giving me no time left to put this off. This is my wake-up call.

It's time to get stuff done.

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