Saturday, August 24, 2013

House Update: Carpet, Faucets, and a Sink

The second most exciting thing to happen this week (just behind the Backstreet Boys) is some big changes at the house. Namely carpet, faucets, and a sink.

For our carpet, we selected the lowest grade or as we like to call it, "apartment carpet." We figure in a few years we will need to install new carpet anyway; by choosing the lower grade now we save money up front (when we're already spending so much). Also, we may be desperate for new, clean flooring in a couple of years...around the time a baby joins the family.

With the addition of carpet, our house has all its flooring installed. We also saw the faucets installed in all the bathrooms (not in the kitchen yet) and the pedestal sink in the half bath.

My dad would be quick to remind me that I hate pedestal sinks. It's true. They offer no storage and aren't particularly interesting to look at. My disdain for pedestal sinks goes back to when I was a preteen girl hitting a very awkward/embarassing stage of puberty; I was absolutely mortified that I didn't have a private place to store my "supplies" and ever since then I've sort of held a grudge. My ten year plan for this bathroom is to install a lovely furniture-style vanity a la Pottery Barn.

This morning we received an email saying the mirrors, shower door, and closet shelving will be installed very shortly.

In other good news, Duke Power will be running electricity to our house early next week. Hopefully this means we will soon find out when we can close since uncertainty around utilities being available is supposedly the reason for delay.

In order to install all utilities, our yard (and all our neighbors yards) have giant trenches in them.

This is the view from our back porch. The trench in the foreground is in our yard and the other trenches and garages belong to our neighbors.

Other than basic construction clean-up and landscaping, I'm really not sure what we'll be working on for the next month. Of course I'll keep y'all updated on anything exciting that happens between now and moving day.

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  1. Looks like you were headed to a great start, Katie! The flooring looks good. I think it’s wise that you opted for a lower grade back then, to save up for the clean flooring, once the baby arrived. I hope all those additions are still in great shape, and that you were able to make all your plans for this house happen, just in time for your move. Have a nice day!

    Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta