Thursday, August 8, 2013

House Update: Kitchen Counters and Paint

I know many of you couldn't care less about the ins and outs of home construction and mainly appreciate the glamor shots. If you're thinking, "yep, that's me," today is your lucky day.

To start, our homes exterior colors are now as they will be when we move in (the door isn't completely painted yet).

The Hardie Board color is Woodstock Brown and the shutters and door are a dark bluish grey. One of the first projects I want to tackle is repainting our front door (I know, I know...) a dark, rusty red. I think it will be a great compliment to the fall and winter decorating I'll get to start as soon as we move in, plus it will really brighten up the front porch. Repainting the door red will be one of the first things I submit to the HOA for approval along with fencing in the back yard.

Inside, we were surprised to see our counters have already been installed!

No, our counters don't have white splotches and they're not super dusty; for right now they have a layer of cellophane to protect from all the potential house building dangers. Once that's removed our counters will look simple black from far away. Upon closer look, the counters have light gold flecks in them, perfectly tying them to the off-white cabinets. They offer the much needed darkness against the very light cabinets and the soon-to-be-installed white subway tile.

One of the best things about this counter is they were standard, aka free! Wish I could say the same for the cabinets...

Our counters were also installed in both our upstairs bathrooms:

We chose the simple white counters to match the white subway tile that is to be installed in the master bathroom.  For the sake of consistency, we chose to run the same colors through the guest bathroom as well.

They've also got the first round of painting done; that's probably why my pictures finally look light and bright and not like they were taken in a cave. Here's a good shot of the paint, as well as the window trim I bragged about in the last post:

Our builder, Standard Pacific, won't paint the walls colors we chose so every wall in the house, including our ceilings, will be this light tan when we move in; this is not a problem for me as I love painting. I do plan on painting all our ceilings white and eventually adding crown molding throughout. The only area I'm not psyched about is over the stairs, but everywhere else I am more than game.

Every time I visit I fall a little bit more in love with our house; it's at the point now where I think Boone is a little jealous of my house baby.

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