Tuesday, August 27, 2013

House Update: Street Numbers & Doorknobs

This update is proof that my suspicions - we only have details left-- are true and our move-in date lurks imminently; somehow the most exciting thing at the house right now is the addition of our street numbers and our doorknobs, inside and out.

Sorry there's nothing exciting/glamorous/major to report on.

In other news, Pat and I have narrowed our search for appliances and should make a decision later this week following some exciting Consumer Reports reading (more riveting stuff, I know).

The other big thing that has to be done before we can close is select a homeowners' insurance policy which is surprisingly difficult to do on a new construction house; no one can give us a quote! I keep telling myself, millions of other people have figured this out, so can we.

Lastly, my father has started blogging. Those of you who know me personally know that my father is a writer and my mother was an editor which is the formula for being an obsessively critical child writer. The only thing that makes blog-writing possible is the rule-free narrative approach, which is the same thing that bugs my sweet husband to death. Every post, he comes back with, "this isn't textbook grammar," or, "that's not a complete sentence," and my fave, "that's not even a real word!"

Anywho ("that's not even a word!"), if you know my dad, wish you knew my dad (*cough* that's all of you), or just enjoy useless trivia and good ole-fashioned story telling, be sure to check him out at Lessons I Learned On High.

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