Thursday, August 15, 2013

House Update: It's Tile Time!

The tile man has come to town!

All of the tile in our house is in and it looks awesome! We chose to add tile in all the bathrooms and the laundry room because I can't stand a linoleum floor. Ironically, we chose vinyl planks for the downstairs; that's not in yet, but it's basically linoleum, just much more durable than hardwood and looks just as good.

The best part for me has got to be the kitchen backsplash:

I've probably wanted a subway tile backsplash longer than I've wanted to own a home so that was a no-brainer. I was surprised at how (relatively) inexpensive adding a backsplash was. It's obviously a very white kitchen, so I plan on decorating with darker walls and a fair amount of color to make it seem less...sterile. Once we add our stainless steel appliances and maybe a hint of copper, I think this room with be my absolute favorite.

As I mentioned, we added tile to the upstairs bathrooms and laundry room. Since these are pretty private areas that will barely be used/seen by guests, we decided to go simple/cost efficient.

The color is neutral and boring and will match the carpet that butts up against it pretty perfectly.

In our master, we did go a little fancier:

We chose a larger floor tile and did more white subway tile on the walls. The floors are greyer than they look in this picture (the afternoon sun was glaring on them). This is the one area that not quite done; the grout isn't in on the floors or walls as well as the missing border around the tub.

We also got the columns up on the front of our house:

Yes, the column on the left is crooked and, yes, it is bugging the hell out of me. No, it will not stay that way.

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