Saturday, August 31, 2013

Paint Colors, Part I

As I mentioned in the post about our washer and dryer, I picked up a couple of paint chips from Lowe's.

I'm not really a stickler for any one brand of paint, plus any brand can match any other brand's colors, so I basically made a lap around the paint area and pick up whatever colors I liked. That being said, whatever brand we end up going with, I am sure that I want low VOC paint. Considering my pets, my future babies, and, oh yeah, me and my husband will live in this environment, I want to make sure I'm picking the safest product available. I don't want to be kicking myself in a few years when we find out regular paint is the new lead paint.

Aspen Gray, Mountain Smoke, and Seine are the leaders for the living area. They're all greige with brown undertones. I really like English Tea Part and Hematite, but they both might be a bit too dark to do for so much space. And Motor City Blue is a grey-ed out navy blue, which I was leaning toward for the master bedroom, although, now I'm considering navy for the formal dining.

In the master bathroom, I know I want to do a light blueish-grey: the kind of grey you only get when morning sunlight tries to peak through a heavy fog. Kind of reminds me of all the bad weather we get in Boone that I so desperately miss. These colors were the first I picked out for the bathroom and hit the nail on the head, but once you notice the names, it really seals the deal.

Lastly, I plan on repainting all the trim. Before you tell me I'm crazy, I know. Something about the stark white against our slightly off-white cabinets makes the cabinet color look way too yellowy. Since I plan on painting the ceilings as well (I know, cuckoo), I think I'll paint everything in a warm white. Not as off-white as the cabinets, but just a warmer color so it meshes better. Here are the "whites" I picked out.

I really can't wait to get my hands on a paint brush; I've been living with white apartment walls waaaay too long. Eventually, I will have painted every surface in the house, but I'm only rushing into the rooms that we currently have furniture for. That way, once we decorate we won't be painting over colors we once loved but that don't jive with the decor choices we end up making.

As always, I'd love any input.


  1. I like Somber Skies or Comes the Dawn! And Creme Fraiche :)

    1. I'm leaning towards Creme Fraiche or Fresh Cotton for the trim. I love Somber Skies, but it's a little dark for what I envisioned in the master, so I'll probably go with Comes the Dawn in the master and save Somber Skies for somewhere else.