Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Appliances, Part II: Refrigerator

We bought our refrigerator tonight, which means we are done buying appliances for the foreseeable future!

As excited as I am about scratching this off my to-do list and overall satisfied with our purchase decision, I will admit this is a battle I lost.

See, I had my eye on a 31 cu. ft. french door refrigerator with all the works (in-door ice maker, foldaway shelves, fancy-schmancy LED lighting) at the bargain basement price of $2199.

But, Sears offered another fridge with almost everything for the unbeatable price of $1399. It's still a french door style and it does have the in-door ice maker. And from the outside, they look almost identical. To the money-minded husband (thank God, that makes one of us), that's close enough.

 There's three big differences between the one I wanted and the one I got:

1. Less space. Our refrigerator has 25 cu. ft. versus the other refrigerator's 31 cu. ft. Pat's point: we can't fill our current fridge. My point: more space is better; with our new gourmet kitchen I may decide I want to be a gourmet chef. Even when that doesn't happen (because, well obviously), we might have kids in a few years and we'll need to store higher quantities and greater varieties of food stuffs. Deciding vote: when you do the math, the price per cubic foot is still better for the smaller refrigerator, unlike the economy size groceries we're going to fill it with. Pato - 1, Kato - 0.

2. No foldaway shelf! Pat's point: "how often are you going to need that, not just play with it?" My point: it's just soooo cool. Plus, think about all the times we've almost been able to fit something into the most logical spot but couldn't because it was just a half inch too tall(mainly condiments; shhhh, don't tell Pat those will fit in the door at the new place). Pat actually conceded that one. Pato - 1, Kato - 1.

3. The lights aren't as pretty. Anyone who's been appliance shopping knows how cool it is to open a refrigerator to that awesome blue-ish LED light. It just feels so fresh and so clean-clean (not really sure how a light feels fresh, but it just does). Our refrigerator has "LED" lights, but they have that same, old refrigerator feeling (almost yellow), not new like the veritable spaceship I wanted. Pat's point: a light's a light; if we can see our groceries it's a success. He even offered to add a flashlight to the deal, like that would help. My point: it's just so pretty. I know, not very strong. Pato - 2, Kato - 1.

Even though the points are clearly in Pat's favor, I still pouted a little. In the end, it came down to two cool, but mostly unnecessary features making up an $800 price difference. As much as I wanted the wow factor fridge, I also want a Pottery Barn sofa and not-cut-rate home owners insurance (more on that later).

Maybe I'll see if I can find a foldaway shelf as an after-market upgrade...

Update: It only took until October 19th for my husband to announce he couldn't fit anything else in our fridge. Turns out that extra 6 ft could've benefited us.


  1. Proud of you for arguing pros and cons with Pato, that means extra money to decorate!


  2. I'll just put it in the Desperation Depot Fund

  3. If not for Pato, you'd have been marketed!