Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Grand Opening: Romare Bearden Park

The Romare Bearden Park opened in uptown Charlotte this past week. The park is located on the most direct route from our apartment to the house, so we've been watching the progress little by little every time we drive by on our way to Brightwalk. Naturally, we made a brief pit stop to check it out and overall I must say it's pretty impressive.

It's located next to Panthers Stadium and the future Charlotte Knights Field and features two wide open fields and several smaller pocket parks. It gives city dwellers a place to enjoy nature while at home in the city and an awesome place for dog walking.

This is the type of progress that Charlotte needs to continue making: removing surface parking lots and replacing them with parks (or pocket parks), condos, parking garages, and retail. So much of our city is dedicated to unsightly parking and not nearly enough space is aimed at enriching the lives of our citizens. I'd guess this is one of the main causes of suburban sprawl in Mecklenburg County; residents feel they must move farther out for higher quality of living. 

I can tell this park will become a regular destination for me and Booney. I hope the success of this park will inspire Charlotte to continue making positive changes like this in the uptown area.

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