Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pre-"New Home Presentation Tour" List of Things to Fix

So this happened...

With our closing date looming just over a week away, I guess it's a good thing that our house looks more inhabitable and less like a construction site.

We have our "New Home Presentation" next Tuesday while Pat is out of town on business so I'm doing this alone. My understanding of this walk is basically that the builder and I walk through the house and pick it to shreds. What works, what doesn't, and every little speck of dirt will be notated, so it can be fixed in time for us to close next Monday.

Since Pat won't be joining me, we walked the house last night to make a list of things we want addressed. The larger items are:
  • The back door is hard to open/close
  • Our cable outlets don't look like cable outlets, just plastic covers
  • We had a doorknob on the pantry door, now we don't
  • Still have a broken dining room window
  • There's splintered wood on the railing
  • Double checking to see if the loft actually got the ceiling fan prewire we paid for
  • Missing shoe molding in the bathrooms, laundry room
  • Still missing a kitchen cabinet door
  • We have no water pressure (might just be turned off)
  • The center column is still not level
Also, the oven is not the one we ordered. We picked a single oven with a gas range; the one we got appears to be gas, but it's a double oven. I'm indifferent to it, I just want to make sure we don't get charged for it. Has anyone had any bad experiences with double ovens (Thanksgiving turkey not fitting, only one oven heating at a time, etc.) that would necessitate I demand the one we ordered?

It's a pretty nit-picky list that goes way more in depth than just the things I listed here. Here's hoping I can be assertive enough to ensure everything gets done and I don't miss anything; that could be a very expensive mistake.

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